I can’t express how much this trip meant to me and my friends. The three of us have been friends for over 15 years, and we now all live in different areas. We all have different interests and traveling styles, but this trip was by far the most adventurous, yet relaxing experience.

We opted to rent a car and go with an Airbnb to get the full local experience, and I’m really not big on all-inclusive hotels when I’m looking for an adventure. We’d thought we had to share the common areas with other tenants, but the Airbnb had the cutest space with our own living room, kitchen, and patio area. Our host was super nice and accommodating, and the cleaning lady came everyday to clean our room so we pretty much got the “hotel experience”. The location was also perfect because we were right in downtown with cute little shops and cafes nearby. The only criticism is that the shower pressure was very low that I had to double rinse my thick hair in the sink. To get a full interior overview, check out my ig story @kritsida_k.

We had a few Cenotes on our list, but the most popular and closest one to us was Gran Cenote. We paid 180 pesos/ person (~$9 USD) to get in or you can pay $10 USD as well. Most places accept dollars, but I recommend exchanging some pesos because it seems to be a bit cheaper than paying in dollars.

We were a bit underwhelmed by the Cenote at first seeing it as we walked in, but little did we know that there were caves you can swim into with the clearest water and bats creeping at you. It was seriously such a breathtaking spot!

We tried a tons of different kinds of tacos and salsas, but my favorite thing in Tulum would have to be their fresh juices. I was happy to find out that there were so many juice places around that uses fresh fruits and vegetables without any added sugar. They also have tropical fruit favorites such as rambutan, mangosteen, mangos, and pineapple in every corner, they were soo goood!

It wasn’t quite a surprise at how kind the locals were, but we were taken back at how welcoming and approachable everyone was. A local recommended for us to visit Punta Allen, a 2 hr drive from Tulum, and we were able to experience the most gorgeous drive along the coast.

This trip was definitely one that I will cherish forever, because it’s not often that you get to do a girl’s trip post college when we all live in 3 different areas. I think it’s so important to take the time to spend it with the people that matters most because they’re irreplaceable and seriously more worth it than anything money can buy!

To see my entire Tulum trip, visit my IG highlight @kritsida_k.




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