After going to Coachella last time 3 years ago, I was really excited to see Queen B for my reunion. I was sad that she didn’t perform, but I was still looking forward to hanging out with old friends and wearing my favorite desert styles that I don’t normally get the chance to. Coachella usually lands around my birthday, and the first time I went, I was celebrating my 22nd birthday and it’s crazy to think that I am now celebrating my 25th birthday there!

For the first day, I decided to wear this embroidered top I got from the Melrose flea market with this cool patched denim jacket from Phlemuns. I saw a lot of people wearing similar tops as mine, but I was so glad I found a military green bra from Forever 21 that went perfect with this top (#noteamnipsslip here).


I knew the second day would be the hottest day of the weekend, reaching to over 100 degrees! Bralettes are a big thing this year, but it’s so easy to wear how can it not be? Victoria’s Secret dedicated so many of their bralettes with Coachella in mind, making it look more like a top rather than walking around wearing just a bra on. I got this white one from there with a romper from Zara. I wish I took a picture of the back now because it’s super cute!

Sorry, no outfit picture for the last day because everything that could’ve went wrong pretty much did 🙁 We had to pack our stuff since we were driving home right after Coachella, so we got there super late because we were stuck in traffic to park for almost 2 hours! After all that waiting, we had to turn around because my friend desperately needed to use the restroom. We ended up leaving our car in a plaza praying it would be okay, and paid a crazy price for our Uber ride. Let’s just say it was very uneventful, but I ended the night well with great friends & Kendrick Lamar.

I’m already feeling the withdrawals. It was such a great time to hang out, listen to music, and not worry about life and being 25..

Till next time Coachella & crab fries!

– kritsida.

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