I am so excited to go on a cruise for my sister’s bachelorette party and leaving for Hawaii the next day! I’m really looking forward to this double trip, but it can be pretty stressful packing for a back-to-back trip. I like to carry my precious items in my purse because you never know when your luggage will get misplaced and lost forever. Below are my top must-haves for all my travels.

Book – Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

I am extremely old school and still carry around a book along with my iPad. There’s something about flipping the pages and feeling where I’m at in the book. I picked up Shoe Dog by Phil Knight for the trip, it’s about the founding story of Nike and I’m always amazed at how they brand themselves. I love reading a book at the beach because you don’t have to worry about the sun reflection on your screen or getting your electronics sandy or dirty!


I love my iPad and I recently discovered that you can download Netflix episodes ahead of time and watch them when there’s no internet! *gasps* So this was a life savior when I got sick on the cruise and was bedridden… so you know I was binge watching House of Cards for hours.

External Battery

I NEVER EVER go on a trip without an external battery. It’s such a death sentence. You never know when will be the next time you’ll get the chance to charge your phone or when it’ll die on you, so an external battery is essential!


I discovered this brand when I did my routine check-in at Sephora (which is usually a weekly thing). It was when they first started carrying Nudestix, and I immediately fell in love with the colors and velvety texture of their collection. I wasn’t quite sold on it just yet, and wanted to wait and see if it was worth the hype. I decided to get a lipstick in Retro when they had a promotion for a free creme stick in Mystic. It was seriously worth every penny! I love the case that it came in with a mirror in the back and the sharpener along with it, so it’s perfect for your daily bag or for a trip like this. It is also super versatile because it can be used as both a lip liner and a lip color.

Estee Lauder Shadows

I actually got this eyeshadow palette (similar) as a gift from a purchase, but it has become the perfect shades for my everyday look. If you’re into champagne colors and perfect neutrals, this is the best little eyeshadow kit you can carry around. I actually brought my Naked 3 palette on my trip as well, and I can recall only using it ONCE!


Accessories are always a must on any trips, but I try to minimize my selection because I’m scared to lose track of it or spend hours trying to untangle it. I’ve seen tips & tricks on ways to travel with jewelry, but I get crazy lazy by the end of trip that I just throw everything in the bag. So minimal & versatile pieces are KEY!

Sony a5000 Camera

My boyfriend got me this camera for my birthday, and more specifically for this trip… thanks babe 🙂 I’ve been eyeing this camera for awhile because I still want to take awesome photos without lugging around my DSLR. And more importantly… it’s WIFI accessible so I can get the pictures immediately. WOW old news… but I was sold!

Hat + Sunglasses

It’s as basic as that… every vacation requires a handy sunglasses and hat that you can throw on with any outfits, and it’ll change your look every time. I love my boat hat and these sunglasses I got from the flea market because they literally go with everything, plus not a lot of sunglasses look good on me.

Hope you got some inspiration from my travel essentials! Let me know what some of your travel must-haves are below! 🙂

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