Protecting My Hair This Winter

I always get compliments on my thick, voluminous hair, but it’s actually a huge pain to style and take care of. The worst time of the year for my hair is winter time. My hair hates the cold, and the dryness of the air creates even extra frizz. That’s why it’s so important I stick to a routine to take care of my hair.

During the holiday season, my hair goes through the most damage, especially from constantly curling or straightening my hair for parties. The best way to make your styling last with the least amount of damage is to style it once/ twice a week and up-keep it so all you need to do is touch up in between days.

Don’t Wash Everyday

I never wash my hair everyday, unless if I’m going to the beach or something. It’s actually good to go a few days without washing your hair, so you are not stripping away your natural oils. *Key* I try to wash my hair only at night, and I plan out enough time to hopefully let it air dry before I go to bed.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning is so important for my hair. I fit in time at least once a week to deep condition my hair with coconut oil. I slather on a coat of coconut oil on my ends and leave it on while I workout or go to the grocery store. There are probably a lot of great hair masks that’s on my list to try, but for a lazy person, coconut oil is definitely the easiest way to go!

Tame the Mane

I mentioned earlier that I have frizzy hair, and I’ve learned to deal with it and the best way to control it. It’s also so important to just embrace it, work with your frizz. I try to do hairstyles that gives me the “I woke up like this” messy hair because it is so much easier than me spending hours to get it slick straight. eSalon laid out steps on the best way to rinse your hair while keeping it nourished. In addition to my earlier tips, I’ve been practicing to do my final hair rinse with cold water because I am such a hot shower type. I also try to never skip out on heat protectant spray and hair oils!

I hope these tips are helpful, and if you were born with natural healthy locks, then blessed you! But if you have hard-to-manage hair like mine, then know that there is always a way to keep your hair healthy without always relying on heat. If you have any hair tips or hair mask suggestions, please comment below! I seriously need them!

Happy Hair-Season!
x. kritsida

Photography by Deasy Noel



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