On Sundays, I brunch. It’s actually my most favorite meal of the day, and the activity I look forward to the most on weekends. I haven’t heard any complaints that breakfast and lunch combined is a bad thing. But brunch is the best time for me to catch up with friends and the best way to start my day.

If you have seen my brunch photos on Instagram, you will know I’m a sucker for Eggs Benedict. I’ve been wanting to diverse out and try different items, but I can never resist the runny egg yolks calling my name. This was my first time trying Bottega Louie’s Brunch menu, and although I was impressed with the selections, I was not impressed with the price in relations to the taste/portion. I was expecting a damn good $17 Eggs Benedict, but honestly, I was whatever about it. The ham was a bit tough and each english muffin probably had 1-2 spinach on it, leaving me searching for more underneath the egg. I’m no food critic, but I guess I do have high expectations for brunch. However, the atmosphere is spectacular and their desserts look to die for! The rainbow rows of macarons made me want to grab every one of them.

If you haven’t been to Bottega Louie, I think it’s worth a try and definitely Instagram-able. However, I think my next time there might be for coffee & a pastry or desserts.

Happy Brunchin’!

– kritsida.




    • admin
      February 27, 2017 / 9:20 pm

      YES! There’s nothing better than runny egg yolks!

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