Random dog that started following us and posing for pictures. He was quite a model.

I’ve been wanting to go to Joshua Tree for a LONG time! I mean how can you not when you live about a 2 hours drive away? Seeing all the beautiful pictures on Instagram, makes me want to go even more. My brilliant idea decided to convince my boyfriend to drive there late at night and sleep in the car since it would be late and neither of us are pro-tent setters anyway. We didn’t check the weather either because it’s the desert, right? Well, that was stupid, but obviously we don’t go camping often. We had to drive deep into the park until we could find a camp site, and by the time we settled in our car to sleep, it was freezing well below 30 degrees. It was probably the most uncomfortable restless night I’ve ever been through. We woke up multiple times throughout the night, and I’d never thought I would be so cold that I couldn’t sleep! On the up side, the view of the stars was breathtaking.

We woke up early to see the sunrise, and the colors of the sky looked like it was painted on. We walked around and observed all the campers and climbers and it definitely inspired us to camp the next time we’re there. A camper also asked me to join their Sunday night feast, that sounded like so much fun, but too bad we had to leave. The weather was still cold and windy, so I’m glad I didn’t wear a dress. The location is totally a great place for a photoshoot, and I see why it’s a top choice for bloggers and Instagrammers.

Even with the horrifying night we experienced, we will definitely be coming back here! It was totally well worth it! We loved the different trails and the options to climb, or take a mini hike without having to be professionally prepared. Plus, it seems like a big party at the camp sites and everyone was extremely friendly!

Journey On!

– kritsida.


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