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The last time I’ve cut my hair this short was my sophomore year of high school! Okay, I know this is technically “medium” length and not even “that short”, but having short hair gives me major anxiety (as it does for a lot of long hair freaks). More importantly, my frizzy hair looks more like the Lion King when it’s short and natural. To be honest, I did get my hair permanently straightened about 5 months ago so it doesn’t look as cray now, but natural beach waves… no thanks. I find myself searching for the rest of my hair when I’m in the shower or debating how to tie my hair into a ponytail without risking looking like Agnes from Despicable Me. There has been a lot of ups to my haircut though, it has cut the time of me curling my hair by like 1/4 (and that’s a lot for me). I’m turning 25 this month, and I think I look more like my age and people are starting to take me a bit more seriously.

I’m not sure if I was ready for this cut, but my stylist definitely thought I was. However, I’m starting to really embrace it, it may be hard to change your comfort zone sometimes, but it’s definitely worth taking the risk.

Embrace the change!

– kritsida.


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