Thailand has always been popular among travelers, but more recently, I’ve noticed how much more convenient it is for foreigners to travel there compared to my trip from when I was younger. I have included some helpful tips and things to consider if you decide to take a trip to this unique country.

Know What to Pack

It’s important to know what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be visiting ahead of time. For the most part, it’s always hot and humid, but you get the occasional rain that is not fun for everyone. Thailand is a traditional Buddhist country, and a lot of the iconic temples require you to dress appropriately, so it always help if you carry layers such as a scarf or sarong with you.

Know Your Price

Most of the people and business owners are really great, genuine people. However, like any countries with local businesses, sometimes they do raise the price for foreigners. Whether it’s a business, tuk-tuk, or entrance fees, know your price beforehand and bargain wherever you can. Hey, there’s no shame in a good deal! Taxis are usually the best form of transportation since there’s a meter, but make sure you print out directions or have a map on-hand so you know they’re not taking you around the block!

There’s Also Uber

Uber is a fan favorite of people here in the U.S. and I just discovered during my last trip that there’s Uber in Thailand, and it links your payment directly to your card! Whoa! That’s definitely new for Thailand. So if you feel more comfortable knowing your price beforehand and worried about miscommunications, Uber is always a good option.

Know Your Body

You’re probably familiar with Thai food, but maybe not exactly the ones in Thailand. You might like spicy food, but people in Thailand raises the bar like ten times. It’s quite easy to get food poisoning (based on experience) if you don’t let your body transition to the local food. I always eat at clean restaurants before diving straight to the street food. Always be careful of what you eat and how it’s prepared because it is definitely not fun to be sick while you’re on your dream vacation.

I will probably be writing another post about Thailand soon since I might take another trip there in a few months, but email me ( if you have any questions!


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